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Project portfolio the executives (ppm) is the unified administration of an association's activities. While these activities might be identified with each other, they are managed under one umbrella, called a portfolio, to give oversight and deal with any contending assets. Portfolio the executives in the task the board additionally includes the admission cycle of undertakings. This incorporates distinguishing possible ventures, approving them, relegating project administrators to them, and remembering them for the general portfolio. It likewise incorporates significant level controls and observing of ventures to guarantee the continuous undertakings are straightforwardly identified with the general objectives and systems of the business.


Project Engineering
  • Pre-characterized WBS Library with BOM
  • Staggered Projects Breakdown structure
  • Import/Export Project plan from MS Project
  • Screen and Manage project progress with Gantt diagrams
  • Genuine Costing Summary and Material Reconciliation Report
  • Arrangement for spending modifications and keeping up histories
  • Staggered WBS
  • Track day by day progress from the Mobile application easily (with live pictures)
  • Screen Schedule difference and cost Variance with EVM (Earned Value Management)
  • Month to month Break-up reports of Activity and Resources Planning
Contract Management
  • Simple Work Order age with numerous arrangements Line Item based, Payment Schedule based., and dependent on the BOQ imported in Project Engineering Module
  • Put in limitations on Work Requests for planned amounts, rates, and sums.
  • Arrangements for Advance Recovery Rules, Debit Note, and Credit Note
  • Direct citation demand from the framework to workers for hire, examination of citations from various project workers, and short listing with a graphical interface
  • Work orders have GST arrangements
  • Arrangements for Work Order change

Purchase Management
  • An expert for Items, Units, Godowns, and Vehicle Measurement
  • Merchandise Return Entry after Quality Test and check of materials
  • GIN (Goods Issue Note) to Project, Contractor, Godown, and Miscellaneous
  • Age of SRN (Service Receipt Note), GRN (Goods Receipt Note), and Purchase Requisition
  • Simple bill generation
  • Stock Report, Pending PRs, Stock Ledger, PR versus Issue, Goods Received Register, Issue Note Register, Pending POs for GRN, and Inventory Turnaround Report
Site Management
  • Direct quotations from the framework to providers
  • Examination of citations from various providers
  • Buy Orders have GST arrangements
  • PO versus GRN versus Bill Reports
  • Simple Purchase Order age with arrangements for limitations on planned amounts, rates, and sum
  • Short listing providers with a graphical interface
  • Arrangements for Purchase Order change
  • GRN based charging