Complete Real Estate ERP Solution app is very easy to use ERP tool that brings mobility and operational agility in your day to day organizational tasks. Where you can view all data like sales report, inventory status, financial records etc. anytime, anywhere at just one click. Real Estate ERP app comes with easy to understand dashboard, quick response to the query, and fast navigation. The voice command feature enables the user to quickly move to any business information effortlessly. With just one voice of a command, the user can gain productivity and speed up the daily operational tasks. Filter option in the graphical chart gives flexibility to ERP user to compare and analyze only the required data to form a strategic decision for maintaining the optimum utilization of resources and streamline the workflow across all the departments. Ease your business process with Real Estate ERP mobile app, enhanced with the user-friendly experience.


Real Estate Complete Software Pvt. Ltd. provides mobile apps developed for small handheld devices, such as mobile phones, smart phones, and so on. You can access ERP on mobile at anytime; anywhere we provide various mobile apps to cater needs of real estate business users.

  • Complete ERP Solution App
  • Leads Management App
  • Inventory Management App
  • HCM App
  • Customers App
  • Channel Partners App


Amazing User Interface (UI)

We provide a clear interface helps prevent user errors, makes important information obvious, and contributes to ease of learning and use. Our app is Effective applications are both consistent within themselves and consistent with one another.

User Focused

We designed our app such that we focus on putting user as center of the product design & after development we also ask the user for feedback. We achieved this by using essential element such as Visibility, Accessibility, Legibility & Language.


Our software is quick to embrace adaptive design & we ensure best user experience according to whichever device the user is using as interface.

Ease of Use

We designed our app in such a way that any new users he/she will able to tap within 3 second understand the functionality of software.

High Performance

We provide best & efficient performance with regular update in the software.


Data is security in most important part for us & for that we make use of Encryption technique.


You can schedule notification so that important task to remember & should be done on time.

Regular Updates

We keep our app update according the new market technology such those new features are added for that we provide regular update.