In the present financial period, the framework and building progressions rely upon all-around arranged development offices. a particularly selective industry holds more popularity in the country. thusly the foundation business faces difficulties concerning business measure the board. our total arrangement real estate arrangement supplier has dispatched the viable framework erp programming for example framework erp medium v.19.2. which centers around facilitating complex business measure functionalities, for example, customers the executives, project planning and arranging, site the board, monetary chronicle, and so on framework erp medium is a begin to end answer for all foundation designers which changes the administration of task lifecycle and makes it simple for engineers to work-accommodating with erp innovation.

ERP Admin
  • Management and Master of all regulatory elements of the association.
Clients Management
  • Deal with all your task customers, contracts, activation sum, Measurement, RA bill, and income.
  • Produce income, work on your customer RA Bill, improve your income, and measure the exhibition and productivity of your agreement projects.
  • Oversee and Create RA Bill from detail estimation (JMR) with maintenance, WCT, Service charge, produce reports, for example, Proposed Bar Chart, RA Bills, Receivables, and so forth.
Project Engineering
  • Assessment of task cost and development according to drawing plan. Keep up the records of requests got through tele-calling and another source.
  • Day by day, week after week, and month to month progress reports.
Sites Management
  • Stock Ledger Management,GRN and GIN, Generation of reports for stocks and forthcoming PR and PO,Segment-wise store creation; as far as material, size, and company.
Purchase Management
  • It make purchase data available to respective department, retrieve the report bill-wise payment & also generate analytical reports for purchase order.
Contractors Management
  • Offering and enrollment of project workers, Issuance of administration solicitations, and age of running bills.
  • Making of project workers record and administration register
HR and Payroll
  • Recruitment Management with Vacancy & Candidate database management, Payroll Management with salary disbursement reports and departmental payroll reports.
  • Defining profiles and roles in HR database.
Administration Billing
  • Deals with all Requisitions, Purchase Orders, Goods Receiving, Goods Issuing and Bills, Manages all Service Order (W.O.), Service Receiving against Service Order and Bills, Generates reports, for example, Stock Report, Purchase Register and Service Register, and so forth.
Financial Management
  • The executives of everyday monetary action. The executives of Chart of Accounts (COA), General Ledger (GL), Accounts Payable (AP) and Accounts Receivable (AR).
  • Generation of reports, for example, Ledgers, Bank Reconciliation, Trial Balance, P&L articulation, and Balance Sheet.
  • Computerizes charge consistence postings, for example, TDS, administration assessment and VAT, and so on Incorporation with TALLY and Oracle Financials. Thorough monetary announcing dependent on characterized cost.
Statutory Management
  • It provides automatic submission of statutory data to financial & purchase management module & also generate tax-related report such as VAT, TDS and IT.
To-Do Task Management
  • It best optimized way to complete the task in productive manner such that you will not forget any task due to notification.