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Track and understand your assets better

Become more Efficient

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We also provide all types of Hardware and Networking services, we have group engineers at different areas who are connected with us on-line, we also take AMC for maintaining all types of IT Infrastructures. IT Solutions W3Tech Solutions is provide to following segment:-

  1. Computer Peripherals & accessories.
  2. Projectors / Presentation Products.
  3. Security (UTMs and Antivirus etc.)
  4. Software Solutions( Google, and customized software's )
  5. Monitors.
  6. Storage.


“Invention of IT Solution"

What is IT Solution?
An information technology (IT) solution is a set of related software programs and services that are sold as a single package. Software usually falls into two categories- packaged or custom-made. In order to make the right choice it is essential that you understand the benefits and potential drawbacks of these two types of software.First of all, it is important to make it clear what we mean by “packaged” and “custom-made”. Packaged software is sometimes called proprietary and is something that you can buy or download off the shelf, giving you exactly the same functions as everyone else who uses it.
On the other hand, custom-made software is something that can be fully adapted to meet the needs of the buyer. This means that it is unique and contains the specific features that you ask for. Many vendors, software developers, in particular, refer to all of their individual products as software solutions. For example, a vendor may call its anti-virus software.

Features of IT Solution

Global industries have felt difference when it comes to sales growth, increased competitiveness and market share. Thus, for the last two decades, major world industries have gained more value due to easy accessibility and the wide range of IT products available. Now accurate data, deep analysis, real time business monitoring, better customer satisfaction as well as planning business scalability are the cornerstones of business awareness.
• Retail Point of Sale
• IT Consulting
• Accounting Solutions
• Document Management
• Internet Marketing and Creative Services


Before buying any hardware, you should first consider what benefits it might bring to your business. This might affect what type of hardware you choose. For example, certain types of computer hardware could help you:
• Reduce costs by automating routine tasks, such as record-keeping, accounting and payroll
• Improve customer service or supplier relationships
• Develop more effective communication within the business or with customers
• Increase business efficiency and staff productivity
• Increase employee morale
• Expand your business offer or reach new markets - eg through an on-line shop
• Develop competitive advantage by implementing the right business technology


How to Choose IT Solution?

Developed with clients and specialized accountants, our latest version includes the ability to show the amount in words, to show the Signatory field or Round off the total amount. The process of accounting has indeed been a simple task until the process becomes streamlined with the invention of billing and invoicing software. The invention of modernized software systems, managing the task of multiple bills and invoices has now become a lot easier and hassle free. The invoice billing software comes specially designed and helps the business owners, in a comprehensive manner to keep a track of multiple invoice and accounts just by a few clicks on the mouse. Through the generation of reports, invoice software seeks to organize the company’s finances in the most effective and hassle-free manner.


Our Advanced IT Solution have the following features

What makes us outstand, you ask. Deep awareness of our client's challenges, we answer. At W3 Tech Solutions, IT specialists know how to align information technologies with your specific business needs, and build in scalability into IT products to ensure your business flexibility at the changing market.

1. save Time
2. Save Money
3. Track and understand your assets better
4. Become more efficient
5. Reduce losses
6. Help streamline business processes
7. Data Backup
8. Server Solution
9. Hardware Solution