Vehicle and Parking Management

Events Management

Taxes and Estimates

Notice Board for Society Members

Members,Flat and Rental Management

Automatic Email/SMS Generation

Records of society maintenance

Print to all document

Integration with Security Systems


Now a days where almost all the urban family have at least one Smart-Phone, so we have come with a complete solution for Housing Society related issues, main features of this Software are as under.

  1. This Whole Software will be in the form of a Mobile App.
  2. Features for Society Members
  3. Due details on a single Click
  4. Reports for Bills & Payments.
  5. Recent Society Announcements & Planning Details.
  6. Notice Board + Society Rules.
  7. Additional Feature( To Do List Creation for personal use).
  8. Features for Society Management
  9. Payment Collection Submission with handy tools
  10. Automatic Bill Generation with all the required calculations.
  11. Payments Collection Reports with all the possible conditions.
  12. Payments Due Reports with all the possible conditions.
  13. Submission of Society Announcements/Notice etc..


“Invention of Housing Society Software"

What is Housing Society Software?
Manage your Housing society with Housing Society Software A Best Housing Society Accounting Software. W3 TECH SOLUTIONS provides a Housing Society Software For Housing Management,it is user friendly software. You do not need to have any prior accounting knowledge to work with it. Since last few years, alive into society has become more secure due to less space as well as people's choice of living a social life. Therefore Housing societies are being chosen the most by Asians. It is a complex task to maintain the householder, vehicles, billings and documents. Such convenient task takes up a lot of time and efforts of a residential committee which frustrate the maintenance of the society. Housing society software is a solution to all these problems.

Housing Society Software Details

W3 TECH SOLUTIONS has two built in formats but you can always customize them or even use your existing format if you wish. W3 TECH SOLUTIONS currently supports one A4 size and another A5 size billing format. W3 TECH SOLUTIONS gives you complete control over your bulk billing. W3 TECH SOLUTIONS makes your invoices smart. Apart from auto-numbering invoices, W3 TECH SOLUTIONS can also calculate rent and taxes if needed. It remembers yours all your previous bills, so that you can search them, even duplicate them .If you are a housing or commercial society, and need to generate period maintenance bills, W3 TECH SOLUTIONS offers simple, quick and professional way to generate the same. Just upload excel sheet having list of society member's data , select the format you wish to print and download individual invoices in PDF.


Housing Society Software has many advantages as well as uses as it saves time of the user. With this software user doesn’t has to remember the dates while preparing the bills as it automatically generates the bills as per the specific date. You can keep track of the bills by backup and recovery feature. It can be used through pen drive which allows the user to carry it anywhere. Users can get the receipt of the bill in print for the record. Housing Society Software reduces the work of the finance department.
Members can view/download receipts for all past payments online at any time. Notices can be posted to everyone in the complex. All notices will be visible on the online Notice Board till the expiry date of the notice. Administrators can send instant messages by Email to all members. Admin can easily generate meeting notice, agenda, minutes of the meeting,


How to Choose Housing society Software?

Housing society Software system allows societies to create user accounts for each member in two ways. The main functionality of our project is that, there is a online bill payment system, online voting system for different society positions like Secretary, Chairman, Treasurer Etc. Admin can add members individually using the admin module. Admin can add several users at once by uploading their details in a spreadsheet. This software can be used by anyone without having knowledge about maintaining accounts. It is featured with multi user facility which makes it easy to use. Options are also available for the user to renumber the vouchers and also delete the payment of the bills in the software that make the tasks simpler. Users can also get the information about banking transactions in housing society system.


Features of Housing society Software

Most residents are averse to increasing maintenance costs of their buildings or complexes. Appointing a Property Management Company results in an escalation in costs in the short term, however the benefits outweigh the costs in the long run.This software system generates maintenance bill automatically and manually. It generates bill for all members at single click. Admin can also query and view expense statements for any month or multiple months and can generate report of expense statement.
Multiple Application to Maintain Society Operational/Bills & Accounting system.
Difficulty in Account finalization & Tax returns on time
Duplication of Work, Human error & Maintenance cost of applications
Ease of usage of application & finding manpower


Advanced Housing society software have the following features

1. Vehicle and Parking Management
2. Events Management
3. Taxes and Estimates
4. Notice Board for Society Members
5. Members,Flat and Rental Management
6. Automatic Email/SMS Generation
7. Records of society maintenance
8. Print to all document
9. Integration with Security Systems