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Manufacturing factory CRM

Construction industries CRM

Retailing industries CRM

Real state industries CRM

IT company CRM

Health-care company CRM

Education organization CRM

Jewellery's industries CRM

Foods industries CRM


It becomes utmost important to have all possible things at a place to get the correct data regarding selling and purchasing of the Company. W3tech Solutions provides different types of CRM Software's for these businesses. List of our CRM software's are given below:

  1. CRM for Manufacturing Industries.
  2. CRM for Construction Industries.
  3. CRM for Retailing Industries.
  4. CRM for Logistic Company.
  5. CRM for Real state Industries.
  6. CRM for IT Company.
  7. CRM for Health-care Company .
  8. CRM for Education Organization.
  9. CRM for BPO Company.
  10. CRM for Automotive Company
  1. CRM for Hotel Industries.
  2. CRM for Import/Export Company.
  3. CRM for Jewellery's Industries.
  4. CRM for Travel Company.
  5. CRM for Water Purifier Industries.
  6. CRM for Pest Control Company.
  7. CRM for Financial Company.
  8. CRM for Media and Advertisement Company.
  9. CRM for Foods Industries.
  10. CRM for Insurance Company.
  11. CRM for Regular Company


“Invention of Mobile Application Development"


  1. Simple & Easy Integration

    It is always advisable to have CRM with easy and simple integration process as it will not make any sense to have the tool if one cannot use it. Difficulty in integrating and using the tools leads to de-motivation of users and lead to no-where in such terms.


  1. Flexible And Customization

    There is a CRM aphorism that each CRM has s special touch – meaning customization in itself. Customizations lead to fulfilling the exact requirement of business and fetch invaluable results, Once a luxury meant for large companies.

  1. Remote Access

    It is a must to have remote access to the data stored in Customer Relationship Management software as it is no use if it can be accessed only in the office. Data must be accessible in all forms and from all locations.

  1. Storage Of Information

    A CRM system functions as a centralized database, stockpiling all relevant information regarding your customers. You can assess this information anytime, sort out relevant details within a short span, and share them to your employees.

  1. Mobile Access

    With mobile access, it is meant that one can able to see data on their hand-held devices. People now traveling around to the world to make their business go global needs such a useful software to work with their walk and get in business anytime and anywhere.

  1. Information Gathering

    A well-structured database contains information from different quarters of your business. A CRM software gathers data from different departments, like marketing, billing, sales. These are further categorized to enhance the operational efficiency of users.

  1. Strong Multi-Channel Support

    Software must have this feature to strengthen documents and make workflow smoother and easier. With strong multi-channel support, CRM tools enables the work go smoother and ensure better results for the business.

  1. Analyzing Customer Behavior

    It is necessary to assess the behavior of your customers when you strategist your digital marketing tactics. A CRM software helps you to analyses customer behavior, study trends of sales, and their purchasing habits.

  1. Integrated Analytics

    It is equally essential to understand the data and analyze on it accordingly. So, along with data collection, it is important to have the access to the decision-making analytics tools as well. CRM Software is best Integrated Analytics product.

  1. Grow Business

    To grow business in a smart and different way and reach to the world, Customer Relation Management software could be one of the keys.the customer relation management software has now become one of the most critical components for a successful business setup.

  1. Campaign & Data Management

    The CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software must have the campaign as well as data management tool. This will enable any and every business to have a watch on the entire workflow along with managing multiple data list.

  1. CRM Solutions

    Latest developed best CRM solutions also provide some features which consider the performance as well as the productivity of business. Use of such tools are subject to technical knowledge but such technical benefits have helped businesses reach a new height.


With the given advantages, every business house needs a reliable CRM management system to optimize their functioning. The powerful tool keeps you updated with purchasing attributes of your customers.
Evidently, a better-informed company can launch aggressive campaigns. You can intensify the experience of your customers when you know their tastes, habits, and preferences. A reliable CRM solution makes your task easier by performing a variety of analytical functions. Briefly, your business will enjoy a better functional set-up when you have an efficient CRM tool.


Our CRM Software have following Advance Features

1. Manufacturing factory CRM
2. Construction industries CRM
3. Retailing industries CRM
4. Logistic company CRM
5. Real state industries CRM
6. IT company CRM
7. Health-care company CRM
8. Education organization CRM
9. BPO company CRM
10. Automotive company CRM
11. Hotel industries CRM
12. Import/export company CRM
13. Jewellery's industries CRM
14. Travel company CRM
15. Water purifier industries CRM
16. Pest control company CRM
17. Financial company CRM
18. Media & advertisement CRM
19. Foods industries CRM
20. Insurance company CRM
21. Regular company CRMEnquiry form